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At JMD Homes we follow a standard operating procedure that reduces the risk of any error. We ensure to stay in touch with the owner through each and every process should you need any assistance.

A successful construction project is one that can achieve a balance between cost, time, and quality. Quality control is branched from the quality management sector as the responsible party to ensure that products and facilities comply with requirements and established slander.

How to Make Quality Control?

To compile a good quality control plan or program requires understanding owner needs and vision. Sometimes the owner’s main intention is to save time and money regardless of the quality slandered. On the contract, some other client’s main point of interest is the quality, no matter the expense or how much time this will take.

The process of good quality control is serving owner and their individual interest with the specific inspection. So we appoint quality control manager at every site separately. We also put a quality control plan that will include in every project following are.


A specially designed control plan

The quality manager here discuss the quality control plans with the client showing him his possibilities and duties as inspection and testing to improve safety and quality on the job site.


Quality Communication

Scheduled meetings and supporting smooth touch-points among the project members will minimize tension and distance between them.


Quality Assurance Monitoring

Quality manager choose many filters to categorize the defect type to avoid the anticipated events and delays.


Subcontractors and Materials

Quality manger should put a criterion for selecting the materials and equipment needed for the work.


Project Quality Specification

Quality manager make document regularly related project quality to avoid any confusion.


Non Conformance Control

Quality manager always put alternative plans to be prepared with back up solutions for the arising defects or delays.


Project Completion Inspections

At the end of the work , quality manager plan for the close out the final inspection to let the punch list assures that the project is completed according to the provided specifications.


Brands, we associates with

To avoid any defect or quality issues we only use branded materials. Names of some brand are following here.

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