Tension free home construction for NRI's

Several such cases where NRI’s want to build their homes in India but that decision was always pushed back because of the lack of proper execution partners who can be extremely trustworthy. More than anything, it’s a difficult task for NRI’s to monitor the construction of their homes back in India as the timings are extremely varied and no proper communication channel can be established between the contractor and them.

Often NRI’s rely on their family friends like uncles or people they know and hand over the construction monitoring to them. Lot of times people who have absolutely no knowledge over construction or related aspects are put on the field as the NRI’s are left with no option.

When this happens a lot of errors that take place during the construction are very much ignored because of lack of knowledge. Ultimately, the client will end with a home with a lot of imperfections etc. The technology backed solutions along with the E-Monitoring feature gives the perfect solution for NRI’s or any other working professionals looking to construct a home back at their place.

It becomes extremely easier for someone who is staying abroad to monitor their house and also know all the stats regarding the same. When the entire world is running around outsourcing their work, why not outsource building your home?

Hassle free home building process for you with E- tracking of your work progress

No need for any visit of the owner to India for approvals.

No need to visit India for architectural drawings.

No need to visit India for material selection.

No need to visit India to supervise the work in progress.

E - tracking

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