Structure Work - 950*/sq.ft.

Complete Work - 1850*/sq.ft.

Home Building in Faridabad & Gurgaon at Affordable Price

JMD Homes have made easy way to owners to construct their dream houses without any tension. The only work is left for the owners in starting that approach to us and tell their requirements.After that we plan very well accordingly to owner requirements in affordable prices. JMD Homes know very well that most of the person construct their dream house once in a life. So every person has some feelings/dreams regarding their house construction. JMD Homes promise to regard your feelings and try to fulfill your wishes about your homes. Every person works very hard in his all life and saves some money for future planning. The person invests this money to complete their dream of house. JMD Homes assured you that you will never feel that your money was wasted.

JMD Homes will give you a tension free house construction at affordable prices

  1. All architectural drawings
  2. All approvals from in-house team
  3. Hassle free work process
  4. 15-month house delivery promise
  5. 3-month maintenance service.
  6. Regularly supervise by site manager
  7. Clear document of inclusion/exclusion
  8. Detailed specification in writing
  9. Transparent legal contract
  10. Fix price contract

Construction cost starting from Rs 1850*/  per sq.ft.

“Our Architects create stunning spaces so that you never get bored of your home”

Problems With Local Labor Contractors

In house construction there is need of many people of several fields like labor contractor, carpenter, plumber, electrician, fabricator, painter, architect and much more. The biggest tension is to find the best Contractors of different field and after that second tension is to manage them. Some of the issues every owner has faces are

  • Delay of projects due to contractor.
  • Many contractor left their work during construction.
  • Contractors stop picking up calls.
  • Zero transparency in process.
  • Nothing is mentioned in writing.
  • No guarantee of quality.
  • Asking for money in advance.
  • Mange several site with small team.
  • No legally contract.
  • They try to hide their mistakes.
  • No quality control of materiel and products

But JMD Homes provides you better construction services.

“We build bedroom which are as beautiful as the rest of your home”

Better House Construction Than Other Local Contractors And Builders

We provide better services other then any local contractor or builders because many of builders do many promises at time of starting the work But they not fulfill their promises at time of construction they hide many clauses at time of agreement but we provide every and each detailed regarding construction planing and materiel before agreement.

  • Structural designing throw renowned structural engineer.
  • 15-month guarantee home delivery
  • House with 3 months maintenance service.
  • Regularly site visiting by site manager
  • Use of UPVC window
  • Transparent legal contract
  • Use of branded materiel

We Construct Premium Houses In Affordable Prices

You can meet many builders and local contractors to construct your house but you you will really find that what we are gives you and what we are taken from you. You can easily compare our specification from other specification of another builder or local contractor and you will really find that what they are gives you and what they are taken from you. This is your choice to select hassle free and tension free construction or not.

Structure Work - 950*/sq.ft.

Complete Work - 1850*/sq.ft.

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For over 15 years, JMD Homes has been specializing in complete contracting services for residential properties throughout all Faridabad and Gurgaon. it’s our daily goals to provide exceptional services that means and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

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